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The transition of the maritime and river sector has begun. And you have just found the first French naval architecture office entirely dedicated to it.


Eco-friendly design

The naval architect is primarily responsible for the environmental impact of his ships. The heart our strategy is to minimize the impacts environment throughout the life cycle of ships. We optimize the boat from the preliminary design phase by offering you more eco-responsible technical solutions.

Ecological sailboat

Our actions

Flax fiber



The integration of new technical solutions is complex. We support you in equipping your vessel with alternative propulsion (hybrid/full electric, hydrogen), pollution control systems, solar panels. We design boats with biosourced (flax fiber) or recycled (HDPE or aluminum) structure. Also think about innovation in use, the key to the transition to sobriety.


Collaboration and awareness

Promote the adoption of sustainable practices and encourage collective awareness. Working together to accelerate the energy transition in the maritime sector. We support you in your projects. We ensure that our actions reflect our eco-responsible values and contribute to a more sustainable maritime future.

Team meeting

You are ?

Handle periods of overload without expanding your team year-round. Outsource a portion of your studies spontaneously and directly to deliver to your clients more quickly without compromising study and analysis quality. We have expertise in specific naval architecture software, modeling, regulatory tools, and finite element analysis methods.

Naval Transition Office

Our partners

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